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ZenVida Medical Travel & Aesthetics

Making Your Safety, Health and Well Being Our Top Priority


ZenVida Medical Travel & Aesthetics  is a Canadian medical and dental travel company founded by Jen Van Eyk in 2017.  It includes OxiVida Hyperbaric Therapy Clinic, and Villa Vida Recovery Retreat both located in the Dominican Republic.


In 2015 Jen had weight loss surgery and lost 130 pounds, this completely changed her life.  In 2016 she travelled from Canada to the Dominican Republic to have plastic surgery.  Her overall experience and outcome was very positive and she wanted to share this with others. 


In 2016 Jen was invited to the Red Deer Regional Hospital, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada,  to present her story and journey to a large group of individuals who had or were going to have bariatric surgery.  This was the first of many presentations for Jen. She has since shared her emotional story with many men and women across Canada and the United Sates and continues to inspire people to live their dreams, love themselves, and work towards improved health, confidence and self-awareness.   This is how and why Cosmetic Travel Solutions was born.

At first ZenVida Medical Travel & Aesthetics only offered plastic surgery procedures with one surgeon in the Dominican Republic. Now they are teamed with 16 Dominican and 5 Mexican plastic surgeons, plus offer many other surgical, medical, dental, aesthetic and travel services. These can be viewed by clicking on the Services Tab on the menu. Their package deal all-inclusive quotes include almost everything you need, the only exceptions are air tickets and some post-op sundry items.  You are assisted in the whole process - obtaining quotes, planning, coordinating, ongoing support and assistance, questions answered, and much more.  Services are available to anyone across the globe. 

Jen has traveled and continues to travel to meet in person with all the providers, she has toured their facilities and private clinics and is confident in promoting them. 

Jen is Canadian, she is married to Warren, he assists with the management off the company.   They reside part-time in Red Deer, AB, Canada and part-time in the Dominican Republic.  They have 7 children and 5 grand children. 

Please take a look at Jen's Blog, she would love to hear from you!



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