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We are a Canadian Medical/Dental Travel Company Offering Services to Individuals from Anywhere in the World Looking for More Affordable Options In the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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Word on the Street

Had a fantastic recovery (and pre-surgery leisure time) at Villa Vida, July 2019. The family-run business employs a number of locals who provide 24hr nurse care, post-surgery massage, on-site chef, driving, and of course housekeeping. My stay coincided with the retreat’s expansion, and because of this I was fortunate to experience what I call “the princess suite”. 
The location is in a safe, gated community, and the retreat offers an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and recovery. If I needed anything in town, it was easy to arrange a trip, and all my surgery-related appointments were included in my stay. 
Jen ensures all her guests are well cared for to the best of her ability, and she had loads of advice for me about surgery, recovery, post-surgery life, etc. 
I am certain that should I ever decide to have further cosmetic procedures done, I’ll be booking in with Villa Vida first thing!

I just got home from my stay with Jen at her recovery home Villa Vida after a mommy makeover with one of the incredible drs she works with. I can’t tell you guys how much of a beautiful soul Jen is. She truly loves her clients. She cried with me, laughed with me, helped me and let me show all the emotions that this plastic journey can bring on. She welcomed me into her family, took me to the beach, to the mall, for dinners and made this recovery into an experience I will never forget. When things got hard she was like a mom to me, she had genuine worry and concern for me and I felt it. Not only does that love help in those moments, but it truly helps with recovery. Her home is immaculate and beautiful, and food - well she knows how much I loved the food. I felt pretty spoiled as a mom of two having 3 delicious home cooked meals every day. She has an oxygen chamber right in her house and that made treatments easy and accessible as well. Her staff is great and her husband and daughter are amazing people as well. Jen P Van Eyk is one of the most beautiful, humble, kind genuine people you will ever meet. I’m so blessed we crossed paths. Not just for plastics, but it’s very rare to meet someone with such an incredible heart. I count it all blessings when those type people enter your life. I can say without a doubt you’d never regret booking with and staying at her RH. Leaving her home had me in tears.

Luckily, I had the privilege of meeting Jen Van Eyk during my weight loss journey. Of course, as I approached surgery, went through it, and lost weight, I had so many questions about repairing the esthetic damage I had done to my body due to being overweight. Jen was always there. Always. She always answered my numerous questions via email and even took the time to meet with me at Starbucks in Red Deer – this was before she made the move to the Dominican last fall. Yes, I have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing, inspiring woman for more than 3 years now.  
When I first met Jen, I was completely against going to the Dominican for my plastics for personal reasons that no longer matter. I was more interested in Mexico or Costa Rica even after witnessing the amazing results Jen had obtained through Dominican surgeons. But, then, Jen made her move with her amazing husband, Warren, and daughter, Ahnica, and Cosmetic Travel Solutions really got rolling! Not only did the company have an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced woman at the helm, but plastics packages that were second-to-none were being offered.  
With their recovery house, Villa Vida, up and running, the value of the all-in packages was impossible to deny. When I saw pictures of the home where I would get to stay and a mommy makeover deal that was hard to believe, I set aside my reservations, bit the bullet, and sent off my deposit.

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